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Financial Services: Accounting

The Accounting Service is responsible for preparing your financial statements; providing timely and accurate financial information, analytic review and analysis of financial information to the business owners, principals, supervisors and managers; preparing journal entries for major accounts; and maintenance of the automated books of original entry.

  • Preparing and interpreting monthly internal financial statements (consolidated and non-consolidated),
         monthly, quarterly and year-end Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) financial reports
  • Preparing monthly closing: including calculating and allocating overhead and benefits, and recognizing revenue
  • Performing analytic review and preparing variance analyses.
  • Interpreting results for supervisors and managers.
  • Preparing ongoing and special management reports from financial data.
  • Reviewing automated books of original entry for all entities and ensuring that entries posted are made in      accordance with GAAP.
  • Assisting management in reading/ interpreting financial reports.
  • Assisting in maintaining the automated general ledger system reports.
  • Preparing computer generated schedules and work papers for external/internal auditors, as well as for      federal/state regulators.
  • Preparing and reviewing journal entries for major accounts in order to generate accurate financial statements.
  • Preparing, reviewing, and analyzing computer generated account reconciliations.
  • Maintaining the division's chart of accounts in accordance with your guidelines.
  • Financial Services: Bookkeeping

  • Management of the general ledger
  • Journal entries
  • Reconciliation of monthly bank statements
  • Accounts payable functions to include invoice processing
  • Accounts receivable functions to include some collections
  • Payroll