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Part-Time CFO

Owners of privately held businesses are so busy "running the business" that their financial strategies and long term goals do not receive adequate attention. In many cases, owners have not even formulated these important pieces of a successful business plan. What is commonly considered a financial strategy actually is just reactionary, a collection of answers to specific situations, and not a strategy focused on achieving the owner's long-term goals.

BLACS will help you develop, implement and maintain a coordinated financial strategy that will most effectively achieve the long-term goals that you establish. more about our experience...

The part-time Chief Financial Officer will serve as the primary advisor to the business owners and principals in the areas of budget formulation, budget execution, financial management and policy, financial systems, financial and cost reporting, as well as evaluation and corrective actions relating to audit recommendations. The Chief Financial Officer Service will assist in those and the following activities: executive management authority over financial and accounting programs; ensure the adequacy of internal and management controls; establish financial management policies and internal controls; provide executive leadership over the formulation, presentation, and execution of the budget; and provide executive level direction and guidance to subordinate managerial staff in all facets of budget, accounting, financial systems, and related programs.