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Service Portfolio: Accounting

These functions include internal controls, cost controls, analysis and strategies for bottom line impact. We will customize this service to fit your needs. We will direct your financial planning and accounting practices by analyzing financial information to determine present and future financial performance; identify trends and make recommendations for improvements and cost-saving opportunities; analyzing areas such as budgets, expenses, forecasts, financial plans, statistical reports, cash flow projection, and business forecasts; make recommendations regarding cost saving or profit generating opportunities and profitability improvement strategies; and coordinate with all of management to gather, analyze, summarize and prepare recommendations for operational performance throughout your organization. more on accounting services...


For small and large businesses and organizations, the bookkeeping functions keep track of an institution's "checkbook." We monitor a company's cash flow, billing and lines of credit, and reconcile the company accounts against monthly bank statements. If we see discrepancies in the numbers, we go over the books again and again until we find the source of the problem. At the end of the year, we will rectify and adjust accounts in preparation for tax time. more on bookkeeping...

Strategic Planning & Business Consulting

Owners of privately held businesses are so busy "running the business" that their financial strategies and long term goals do not receive adequate attention. In many cases, owners have not even formulated these important pieces of a successful business plan. What is commonly considered a financial strategy actually is just reactionary, a collection of answers to specific situations, and not a strategy focused on achieving the owner's long-term goals. BLACS will help you develop, implement and maintain a coordinated financial strategy that will most effectively achieve the long-term goals that you establish. more on consulting... | part-time CFO ...

Tax Services

Available tax services include federal and state income tax return preparation, preparation of amended tax returns to reflect post-filing changes in a tax situation, for individuals, business and organizations. more on tax services...