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Tax Preparations

At Bottom Line Accounting & Consulting Services, the client always comes first. We don't close up and disappear after tax season; we are open 12 months a year, as our clients have needs all throughout the year.

Tax Preparations - Instructions

To assure prompt filing of your tax return please follow these steps:

1. Please complete ALL applicable items in the Downloads page.

2. After Completing the Tax Organizer you need to fax or e-mail a scanned copy, or normal mail one copy of your W-2(s) and/or 1099(s) forms.

  • Our fax number is 1-443-283-8046.
  • IRS requires that I have your W-2's and/or 1099's before we can E-file your tax forms.


3. You must give us your e-mail, home telephone number, and work telephone number, so if we have any questions, we can contact you.

4. After we have received your tax organizer forms and your scanned or faxed W-2/1099 forms, we will complete your tax return based upon the information that you have provided. We will be in contact with you to clarify any question(s) that might arise so that you can get the biggest tax refund possible.

5. Once we have completed your tax return we will e-mail or telephone you to discuss your tax return. We will meet with you or fax or e-mail to you, upon your approval, your tax forms.

6. Upon receiving your forms you must Fax or e-mail back your signature page forms to us so that we can transmit your tax return to the Federal and State government agencies.

7. Fees: Upon completion of your tax forms we will inform you of the preparation fees.

Individuals Tax Returns

  • 1040EZ, 1040A, 1040 and Schedule C & F - $50.00
  • All other required forms such as Schedule A, B, D, E, EIC and all supporting form numbers are $25.00 per form.
  • All State taxes are $25.00 per state.
  • Please note that unless you make a special request we will complete all required state forms.

Corporate & Organization

  • Non-Profit Organizations (Form 990), Under $100,000 - $100; Above $100,000 - $150.
  • Sole Proprietor will be billed at the individual rate
  • Other Business organizations - $300 - $1,500 (depending on the complexity)


What are the benefits of using IRS e-file?

  • Fast refunds!
  • Electronic Payments!
  • Accuracy!
  • Security!
Proof from the IRS within 48 hours that your return was accepted!

Your chance of receiving an error notice is reduced. IRS e-file is more accurate (less than 1% error rate) than paper. Your tax return is transmitted from (electronic return originator) ERO's computer to the IRS. Your Federal and state returns may be filed together.

Only IRS e-file offers these advantages.

  • Return prepared by us - Free (Does not include Bank Products.)
  • Return prepared by yourself or someone else - $25

    ** We cannot transmit an erroneous return.
    *** We correct any errors and charge an error correction fee of $10 (per error).

Fee Payment:

Upon completion of your tax forms we will inform you of the preparation fees. You can pay by cash, check, debit/credit card or Paypal invoice. Using our convenient Secure Payment Web Page is also fast and easy.